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Tidewater Woodworkers Guild

The Tidewater Woodworkers Guild is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the tools, equipment, processes, and procedures used in the art of fine woodworking. We are located in Southeastern Virginia, with meetings typically held at the Woodcraft store in Norfolk.

The Tidewater Woodworkers Guild members hold their main meeting every fourth Monday of each month except December, as well as informal gatherings on the second Monday of each month. We are a seasoned woodworking group that has been in existence since 1980. Currently, there are about 70 members. We welcome all skill levels; one can find a true mentor in practically every facet of woodworking within the guild.

Please consider joining our guild – membership dues are only $20 per calendar year.

Upcoming Events


March 2023 Newsletter

The March 2023 newsletter is now available. Check out this month’s stories such community service projects, building a Sam Maloof rocking chair, Thermo-wood, FIRST, the Hampton Street Car update and others. Since the editor was in the hospital during February and most of March, this newsletter is also a recap of what happened in February. Continue reading

Woodworking Tips

Take a Break

It’s season change, and with season change comes massive swings in humidity. There are two times when you should walk away from a project. First, after you’ve milled your wood. Don’t start your finish cuts for twenty four hours. Let the new ‘face’ of the wood acclimate. It may well move and could adversely effect... Continue reading

Easy Router Joinery

Routing dadoes and grooves with a shopmade T-square works great. The setup is quick and easy. But most T-squares are usually made for a specific diameter of router bit. The auxiliary router base and T-square you see here solves that problem. This allows me to accurately position and rout four sizes of dadoes and grooves... Continue reading

Product Reviews