Classified Ads

TWWWG offers its members an opportunity to search for or to sell woodworking equipment and supplies. Please email your 'for sale' or 'wanted' ad to the webmaster using our secure Contact Page. Please see listing rules below.

For Sale

Item Description Price Seller End Date
Beech Plank 3" x 5" x 6' roughsawn plank Negotiable John Blakeney 10/15/2013


Item Description Price Buyer End Date
Cabinet Making Help Wanted Nonmember is soliciting some cabinet work. He needs an cabinet over the stove modified (shortened) to accommodate a larger exhaust hood or possibly a new one made and stained to match. The wood is oak with a golden oak like stain. Negotiable. Martin Cole (W) 757.836.0743 (C) 571.722.5472 10/15/2013

Listing Rules

  1. TWWWG will list items related to the craft and skills of woodworking, such as materials, tools, books and plans.
  2. The Webmaster has final say on wording of ads. Listers will be informed of final text before listings are published.
  3. Listings may contain up to two photographs. Photos are NOT required.
  4. Classified items will be listed for a maximum of 30 days.
  5. Listers will be notified by email of interested parties. Final sale arrangements, including payment and delivery, are the responsibility of the seller and buyer. TWWWG is providing only listing services.