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Gary Stephens SignGary gave a good presentation on making large router carved signs, including a video on the process. Using only two bits, some carbon paper and a large base plate on his router, he created several large road side signs.

The Classified Ads are coming to the web site. Right now, items for sale are listed on the main menu and can only be added by an administrator. Soon, registered members will be able to post items for sale. Soon after that, Items Free to Good Homes and the Services, such as Band Saw Tuning, by members.   Let us know what you think.

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  • Heat Stress .... The better advise for both the older and younger folks when the temperature and or humidity exceed 90 is to carry WATER if you are going outdoors or taking youngsters out in it. The higher the humidity the less effective the body's cooling mechanism is. Body cooling is accomplishe...
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