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Holly Finch 1st PlaceThe Second Annual 2x6x24 Contest proved, once again, that woodworking is a viable demonstration that creativity lies within every member of the Guild. Despite being pressed for time by an excellent presentation by Steve Houmas, members stayed to view and vote. This year we had a broad spectrum of presentations. Voting was difficult and spirited. There were of course winners. But, in the end, there were no losers, only those who did not get a prize. And our novice and less experienced members saw, in at least two of the presentations, work done by folks like them. We have great hopes that next year's contest will bring out even more of our members to 'strut their stuff'.

First prize and a $50 gift card was awarded to Holly Finch for a box with a marquetry/parquet lid in a geometric pattern.

The Classified Ads are coming to the web site. Right now, items for sale are listed on the main menu and can only be added by an administrator. Soon, registered members will be able to post items for sale. Soon after that, Items Free to Good Homes and the Services, such as Band Saw Tuning, by members.   Let us know what you think.

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